Using the OJB Console

This section provides additional information about what you see in the console that may help answer some of your questions about using the console.

Create, Update, Delete, Browse, Search

To perform CRUD operations on an OJB object, click on the Repository and then click on the appropriate link for the operation should want to perform. The following information may be useful:

The Left Nav

By default, the Left Navigation bar contains the list of browseable classes. Only classes that meet the following requirements show up in this list: Each class is identified by its unqualified class name. For example, would only be listed as Bar. This abbreviation is done to keep the width of the navigation manageable.

The PB Key

When using the console, the console keeps a PB Key in you session. This key is used for ALL operations in OJB. By default, the default OJB PB Key is used. However, you may change which key is used and switch back and forth between different PB Keys.

To change the PB Key used by OJB follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Configure Settings
  2. Click on the JDBC tab.
  3. Choose a JCD Alias from the drop down
  4. Type a user/pass for that alias
  5. Click Login
Click on Reset Defaults to reset the PB Key to the repository's default JCD Alias settings. If you click on the Session tab, you can view the PB Key that is currently kept in your session.

The OJB Cache

It is often useful to clear all the objects from the OJB cache, especially when trying out new options in your repository.xml. To clear the OJB cache follow these steps:
  1. Click on the Configure Settings
  2. Click on the Cache tab.
  3. Click Clear Cache

Browsing Properties

You can view the various runtime properties the OJB console is currently operating with by clicking on the links found on the Home page.

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