The OJB Console is a web application that provides administrative facilities for the Object Relational Bridge (OJB) persistence framework. This console provides transparent browse, search, create, update and delete functionality for any object configured within OJB. In addition, the console provides administrative functionality for OJB itself. Finally, by extending this application, one can easily create robust data management applications that can manage complex data relationships.


Most web applications, intranets or extranets need some type of back-end data entry system to help create and manage data. Having built many such applications in a variety of technologies, I realized these applications always had to solve the same complex issues. Furthermore, data management applications tended to stop short, especially when dealing with data relationships such as 1:1, 1:n and m:n.

This console was created to provide an application that would solve the data management problem without requiring complex content management software. However, because OJB provides transparent persistence, the combination of OJB and a reference application such as the OJB Console, could provide an extension point for any vertical or enterprise application.

Thus was born, the OJB Console.

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